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GRS SOCCER: WE'RE Looking for opponent company team

It was a great pleasure having the soccer game with the guys from Schramm Group. Thank you very much for this fair game, with a great fun factor!
We worked well and now we feel prepared for other opponent company teams: Who is going to be our next competitor?
Just contact us for the next challenge: T+49 40 411 60 68 0 
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The latest GRS Jack-Up Availability Report for Q1 / 2020 includes market information as well as technical specifications and availabilities of installation and accommodation Jack-Ups in and around Europe, Asia and the United States.
Get your copy now!
Just  contact us
T +49 40 411 60 68 0
or send an email to

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GRS TEAM: WE strengthened OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT in hamburg

We are pleased to announce that Peggy Lin has joined the Hamburg team of GRS as team assistant!
Peggy has working experience in marketing and sales in Taiwan. Two years ago she came to Hamburg as a freelance translator and for learning German.
Now she is a perfect addition to our Service Department Team. 
Welcome Peggy!

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VesselS FOR charter

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Jack Up´s
Starting Day Charter Rate
unpropelled: 23.000 EUR
DP<500t crane: 30.000 EUR
DP>500t crane: 40.000 EUR
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Starting Day Charter Rate
<40 ChrtsPax: 16-19.000 EUR
>40 ChrtsPax: 19-24.000 EUR
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Construction Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
DP2<50t gear: 12.000 EUR
DP2>100t gear: 17.000 EUR

Click on the image for more information

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Guard Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
A-Class: 2.950 EUR
B-Class: 2.350 EUR
C-Class: 1.950 EUR
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Crew Transfer Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
12 Pax (12hrs): 2.000 EUR
12 Pax (24hrs): 2.900 EUR
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Platform Supply Vessel (DP2)
Starting Day Charter Rate
Deck <700 sqm: 5.000 EUR
Deck >700 sqm: 6.500 EUR

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more vessels
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CTV #875

LOA:18.50 m
Draft:1.26 m
Speed:23 kn
Free Deck:71 sqm


Price:420,000 GBP

FSIV #879

LOA:50.29 m
Speed:15 kn

Price:1,000,000 USD

PSV #650

LOA:78.00 m
DP Class:DP 2
Free Deck:800 sqm


9,600,000 USD

Find more vessels on grs-offshore.com or Apollo Duck
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Join our Next cargo runs

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Innovation loaded the first set of monopiles at Sif’s facility on Maasvlakte 2 in the Port of Rotterdam. DEME is in charge of transporting and installing the 94 onopile foundations on Ørsted’s 752MW wind farm. Each foundation consists of a onopile, an anode cage, a bolted transition piece, and a pre-installed scour protection. The monopiles are manufactured and delivered by Sif and EEW SPC. The transition pieces are produced and delivered by EEW OSB and Bladt Industries. DEME Offshore will also transport and install the 94 Siemens Gamesa 8MW turbines at the site. Located some 23 kilometres off the coast of Zeeland, the Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2020.


HST Euan, built by Damen Shipyards in Antalya, Turkey, is now ready for its voyage to Belgium, HST said. Once there, the vessel, and its sister HST Harri, will be deployed on the Northwester 2 offshore wind project under a contract with MHI Vestas. HST Euan was loated out at the beginning of November 2019 and carried out its sea trials a month later. Damen unveiled the FCS 2710 class in May 2018. The vessels are capable of carrying 26 assengers and are able to operate in wave heights of more than 2m due to an extra meter of freeboard. The first FCS 2710, HST Hudson, was named in July 2018, while the second vessel, HST Sofia, was launched in March 2019.


Using the wind farm installation vessel Pacific Osprey, Swire Blue Ocean will transport the various turbine components from the pre-assembly site on the Dutch coast to the wind farm zone where they will then be installed. The signing of the final contract for the installation of all turbines at the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farms follows half a year after Vattenfall announced that it had chosen wire Blue Ocean for the installation of the Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4 turbines. Just like with other suppliers, Vattenfall had selected Swire Blue Ocean prior to its tender bid to build the wind farm.

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A bill which would require the state of Virginia to develop an Offshore Wind Master Plan has been introduced to the state committee. The new legislation, if approved by the General Assembly of Virginia, would direct the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, in consultation with the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority and a working group, to create a plan to identify specific measures that will facilitate the establishment of the Hampton Roads region as a wind industry hub. The plan will also incentiv-ize the creation of employment opportunities in the con-struction of offshore wind projects and related infrastruc-ture. The bill dictates that the Secretary shall submit this plan to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than 1st December 2020, pending required approval from the Committee, House and Senate before it is signed into Law by the State Governor. Virginia has committed to an offshore wind target of 2.5 GW by 2028 and the Governor recently announced funds of $275,000 to be allocated in 2021 and 2022 for the establishment of an Office of Off-shore Wind within the Division of Energy to support the state’s offshore wind activities.
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First power has been generated at the WindFloat Atlantic project, 20 km off the coast of Portugal at Viana do Caste-lo. The project will feature three MHI Vestas V164-8.0 MW turbines, each with a capacity of 8.33 MW, mounted on Principle Power’s floating semi-submersible platforms. The first turbine was successfully connected to the grid on 31st December 2019 and the second of the three platforms recently left the Port of Ferrol for offshore installation. This milestone project represents the largest wind turbine to be installed on a floating offshore platform. The wind farm is owned by the Windplus consortium, which is con-sists of EDP Renováveis (54.4%), ENGIE (25%), Repsol (19.4%) and Principle Power Inc. (1.2%). A commercial phase of approximately 30 turbines producing 150 MW is planned to follow and the WindFloat technology is also due to be deployed at the French Golfe du Lion project in the Mediterranean in 2021.
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The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) expects to grant Vatten-fall’s 605 MW Kriegers Flak project final approval before the end of the month. Vattenfall submitted its final project design for approval in Spring 2019. The DEA determined that the final project design includes larger turbines and occupies a larger area than what was assessed in the original EIA report from 2015 and requested that Vatten-fall submit a supplemental EIA report describing how the environment may be affected differently under the final project design and any mitigation strategies. The wind farm is due to feature 72 SG 8.0-167 DD turbines, each with a rotor diameter of 167m and tip height of 188m. The supplemental report was submitted in October, and a public consultation concluded in December. The DEA has stated that the project does not lead to unacceptable environmental impacts and that all impacts are adequate-ly illuminated in the EIA report and the supplement re-port. The DEA is currently in the process of concluding the hearing and hopes to award the final permits in January.
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The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Infrastruc-ture has started the permit process and environmental impact assessment for three offshore wind farms, to be located off the Gulf of Riga. The projects include the 1 GW Gulf of Riga Gulf project proposed by state-owned Eesti Energia, a 380 MW project from Tuuletraal and a single-turbine project by Five Wind Energy. Eesti Energia started developing its Gulf of Riga Gulf project in 2009. Now due to be completed before 2030, it is expected to consist of up to 160 wind turbines. Tuuletraal's 380 MW project includes the installation of 76 wind turbines and Five Wind Energy is in the process developing a 4 MW turbine to be installed off the south coast of Saaremaa. The govern-ments of Latvia and Estonia have also recently announced plans to jointly develop an offshore wind project in the Gulf of Riga. 
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EnBW has launched a tender for the supply of wind tur-bines for the He Dreiht offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. The scope includes planning production, deliv-ery, installation, commissioning, trial operation, documen-tation and a wind farm SCADA and service contract. The turbines are to be at least 7 MW each, with a total output of 900 MW. The contract is scheduled for mid-2021 and commissioning of the wind farm is expected to take place by 2025 at the latest. EnBW is asking for the submission of tenders of requests to participate by 5th February 2020. The wind farm is located 85 km north of the island Borkum and 95 km west of the island Helgoland. EnBW was awarded connection rights for up to 900 MW in 2017 with a zero-subsidy bid. 
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Seaway Heavy Lifting's crane lift vessel Seaway Strashnov has arrived at the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm, located 33km off the east of England, to commence installation of all 90 turbine monopiles and transition pieces. The vessel will also install the two substation monopiles and topsides. Across the North Sea, DEME’s DP2 Innovation has com-pleted installation of 58 monopile foundations at the 487 MW Seamade project in Belgium. The vessel then depart-ed from Rotterdam on 7th January, to begin foundation installation at Ørsted’s 752 MW Borssele 1&2 project. Van Oord is also making headway at the 732 MW Borssele 3&4 site, with 25 monopile foundations installed as of 31st December. The Borssele projects will feature 94 SG 8.0-167 DD and 77 V164-9.5 MW turbines, due online 2020-2021.
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The Australian Government is developing a regulatory framework to enable the construction of offshore wind farms and other clean energy technologies in common-wealth waters. The Department of the Environment and Energy has published a discussion paper and process map outlining the proposed regime. The long awaited regulatory framework will allow for technology-neutral tenders based on competitive licence awards, incl. commercial scale and demonstration projects. A public consultation on the paper will now run until 28th February 2020 , with infor-mation sessions to be held in Perth and Melbourne next month. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is hoping to develop the country’s first offshore wind farm. The Star of the South project has seen some progress in the past year. Approval for an exploration licence was granted in March 2019 and wind profile and site condition studies commenced late last year. Located 10-25 km off the coast of Gippsland it could be built out to 2.2 GW.
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The French Council of State has rejected one more appeal against the 496 MW Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, bringing it one step closer to realisation. The appeal was submitted by multiple organisations and individuals which were requesting for the consents for the use of the Mari-time Public Domain to be revoked. The French courts dismissed the appeal on 31st December 2019. The project has been fraught with delays since consents were award-ed by the Prefet of the Cotes-d’Armor in 2017. The Coun-cil of State dismissed other appeals in July and October 2019. One appeal is still pending and relates to the tech-nical modification of the park, associated with the change of 8 MW Adwen wind turbines to 8 MW Siemens Gamesa turbines. Ailes Marines, a collaboration between Iberdro-la, RES, and Caisse Des Dépôts, is leading the development and expects a decision on the final appeal from the Coun-cil of State in H1 2020. 
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The Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has launched a public consul-tation on environmental licensing for offshore wind farms. The consultation is open until 3rd April and contributions received will influence the publication of the Term of Reference model which will guide developers and other stakeholders through the Environmental Impact Studies process. Brazilian energy giant Petrobras is currently seek-ing to develop the country’s first offshore wind project, and applied for a Preliminary Licence and Installation Licence from IBAMA in October 2019. The project is ex-pected to have a capacity of 5 MW, and will be located 20 km off the coast of Guamaré, in Rio Grande do Norte. The pilot wind farm is expected to be commissioned by 2022. It will be used to collect valuable data to support future decision-making for Brazilian offshore wind farms.
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