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We would like to thank you for your great support and loyalty in 2020 and are very pleased to have you as our partners, friends and customers.
The year 2020 was not easy for many of us and for some of us it was a tragedy. Our sincere condolences go to all those who have suffered invaluable losses this year. Health is the most precious commodity on earth which we should protect with strongest efforts.
We heartfully wish you and your families all the best for the years to come, much joy and harmony, but above all health.
Warmest wishes for a hopeful and contemplative Christmas season and a peaceful start to the New Year,

Philippe Schönefeld and Matthias Mroß,
Alex, Austin, Bernd, Camilla, Catherine, François, Helli, Henning, Hussein, James, Jan, Jannis, Merlin, Niels, Oscar, Peggy, Roman, Sina, Uwe

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developments in the global market from 2021

What are the developments in the offshore wind market from 2021? Today we provide you a holistic view point concerning all major offshore markets across the globe and highlight a few selected topics for your further considerations.
Europe, USA, South America and the APAC region are all facing exciting developments. HERE YOU'LL FIND OUR CURRENT MARKET ANALYSIS.
For further details, more comprehensive evaluations or customised analyses, please contact our GRS Research specialist,  he will be happy to advise you!

Jannis Klar

Phone: +49 172 398 33 20
E-Mail: j.klar@grs-offshore.com

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Jack Up´s
Starting Day Charter Rate
unpropelled: 23,000 EUR
DP<500t crane: 30,000 EUR
DP>500t crane: 35,000 EUR
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Starting Day Charter Rate
<40 ChrtsPax: 18,000 EUR
>40 ChrtsPax: 21,000 EUR
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Construction Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
DP2<50t gear: 10,000 EUR
DP2>100t gear: 16,500 EUR

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Guard Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
A-Class: 3,100 EUR
B-Class: 2,400 EUR
C-Class: 2,100 EUR
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Crew Transfer Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
12 Pax (12hrs): 2,100 EUR
12 Pax (24hrs): 3,100 EUR
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Platform Supply Vessel (DP2)
Starting Day Charter Rate
Deck <700 sqm: 9,200 EUR*
Deck >700 sqm: 9,500 EUR*

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*Subject to short term market fluctuations

more vessels
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Tug #1030G

LOA:37.50 m
Beam:14.00 m
73 tons

Voith Schneider Propeller

Price:5,500,000 EUR

CTV #550G

LOA:25.75 m
10.40 m

Damen Twin Axes

Price:1,650,000 EUR

PSV #767G

LOA:48.00 m
12.60 m
5.20 m

790,000 USD

Find more vessels on grs-offshore.com or Apollo Duck
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The last jacket foun- dation produced for the Moray East offshore wind farm at Lamprell’s yard in Hamriyah has been unloaded from OHT’s Hawk heavy transportation vessel in the Port of Nigg. The vessel arrived at the Port of Nigg in No- vember with the last batch of ten jackets, completing its second trip to and from the UAE within the transportation cam-paign for the Moray East project. OHT used its Hawk, Osprey and Albatross vessels to transport a total of 48 three-legged jacket foundations from Lam. prell’s yard to the UK.


Les Aliséz

Les Alizés is specifically designed for loading, transporting, lifting, and installing offshore wind turbine foundations. It will be capable of building the newest generation of offshore wind farms once delivered in April 2022, but is also suitable for decommissioning offshore oil & gas platforms. Main features include a main crane of 5,000 tons, a deck loading capacity of 61,000 tons, a deck space of 9,300 m², as well as 6 × MAN 12V32/44CR main engines.


Bold Wind

The MV BoldWind heavy load deck carrier has picked up the wind turbine nacelles for the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm at the LINDØ site in the Danish port of Odense. BoldWind loading nacelles for Triton Knoll at LINDØ port of ODENSE. The vessel arrived there last week, according to LINDØ, which added that this was the first port call there for MV BoldWind. After loading 15 nacelle pieces for MHI Vestas wind turbines, the vessel set sail to the UK.

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Sizewell C negotiations begin

The UK government has confirmed that it is to enter negotiations with French energy giant EDF in relation to the Sizewell C project in Suffolk as it considers options to enable investment in at least one nuclear power station by the end of this Parliament. Sizewell C is said to have the capacity to provide 3.2GW of always-on power for 6 million homes. The planning application for the project was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate by EDF in May this year. In the East of England, Sizewell C is hailed to provide a major boost in training and employment opportunities for young people and create long-term jobs. Once operational, it will employ 900 people based in Suffolk. EDF Energy claims up to 70% of the construction value will be spent with firms across the UK, including in the East of England, Wales, and in the North. 
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Polish Parliament preps Offshore Wind Act

The Polish Offshore Wind Act is to be discussed in the Polish Parliament, the Sejm, on 15th December. The new act details a new subsidy scheme, and simplifies administrative and legal procedures to encourage investors and accelerate the industry. The bill, on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms, was adopted by the Council of Ministers at the end of November and submitted to the Sejm in early December. A meeting of the Energy, Climate and State Assets Committee is scheduled for 15th December, to discuss the first reading of the government's bill. The bill will need to undergo a further two readings before submission to the Senate, final approval from the Sejm and signing into Law by the President of the Republic of Poland. 
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Danish Energy Agency Okays Vattenfall’s Couple

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has granted permission for Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Nord and Vesterhav Syd offshore wind projects. The decisions come after the assessment of the supplementary environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for the two wind farms. The go-ahead allows Vattenfall to start the projects once the appeal period expires on 11 January 2021. Located nine and eight kilometers offshore, respectively, Vesterhav Syd and Vesterhav Nord will comprise a total of 41 Siemens Gamesa 8.4 MW turbines with a combined capacity of 344.4 MW. Vattenfall had initially planned to commission the wind farms in 2020, but had to delay the projects after the Danish Energy Agency initiated new EIA processes.
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CWind Taiwan sponsors GWO pilot project

CWind Taiwan announced that it is sponsoring up to 100 Taiwanese students and local fishermen to participate in a GWO pilot project, aiming to raise the candidate’s awareness of offshore safety and develop their general understanding of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. CWind Taiwan is organising five sessions open to individuals from local universities, technical colleges as well as the fishing association. The pilot project, which began earlier this month, will provide a general introduction to the offshore wind industry through lectures and workshops, including fundamentals of the GWO working-at-height and sea survival modules. The sessions will enable the participants to develop industry knowledge as well as to experience a taster of the working conditions, highlights and demands of a career in the sector. 
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BSH picks North Sea surveyors

The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has awarded contracts to VBW Weigt GmbH and the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research, for seabed surveys in the N-9 wind energy zone within the German part of the North Sea. Specifically, VBW Weigt will undertake hydrographic measurements in areas N-9.1, N-9.3, and N-9.4. Meanwhile, the Fraunhofer Society will carry out a geophysical investigation of the subsoil in the same areas. Areas are as defined in the Draft Area Development Plan 2020 for the German North and Baltic Sea (FEP). However, area N-9.1 extends beyond the parameters set out in the FEP. This area is 8-19 km northwest of existing operational wind farms, Deutsche Bucht, Veja Mate, and BARD Offshore I. Water depths are 40-42 metres.
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UK Government  plans for clean energy system

The UK government today set out plans to clean up its energy system, support up to 220,000 British jobs, and keep bills affordable as it transitions to net zero by 2050. Building on the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the Energy White Paper sets out specific steps the government will take over the next decade to cut emissions from industry, transport, and buildings by 230 million metric tonnes – equivalent to taking 7.5 million petrol cars off the road permanently – while supporting hundreds of thousands of new green jobs. The government plans to shift away from fossil fuels by boosting competition in the energy retail market to tackle the ‘loyalty penalty’ – longstanding customers who pay more than new ones – and by providing at least £6.7 billion in support to the fuel poor and most vulnerable over the next 6 years.
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Norway announces new wind R&D centre

Tina Bru, the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, has announced an investment of NOK 120 million (EUR 11.3 million) in a new wind power research centre. The NorthWind centre will be based in Norway, and will focus on innovations to cut the costs of wind power while making it more efficient and sustainable. A particular priority for the centre will be offshore wind research. “Rapid growth in offshore wind power internationally offers great opportunities for Norwegian businesses”, said Bru, describing Research & Development as “crucial to secure lower costs, less environmental impact and improved operating models for such projects. I believe a long-term research centre with industry partners, the research community and the government will contribute to further development of offshore wind power in Norway.”
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Sapura Energy installs first Yunlin monopile

Sapura Energy Berhad has installed the first monopile at the Yunlin offshore wind farm in the Taiwan Strait. This marks the start of the company's first construction project in the offshore wind sector. Work is being completed using the Sapura 3500 heavy lift vessel, equipped with a pile gripper system designed and delivered by Osbit. The vessel will support the installation of the wind farm’s 80 monopile foundations, which are each 8 metres in diameter. The developers of the Yunlin offshore wind farm project reached financial close for the project on 30th May 2019. It is one of the largest offshore wind-related transactions that has been financed in the Asia Pacific region, and is located eight kilometres off the Taiwanese west coast in the Taiwan strait. With a total capacity of 640 MW, the project is one of largest offshore wind farms being developed in Taiwan.
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New Jersey closes 2.4 GW call

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has closed bidding for its mammoth offshore wind solicitation. Launched in September, the solicitation invited applications for offshore renewable energy certificates (ORECs) from offshore wind developers. The state is expected to award 1.2-2.4 GW of offshore wind. This makes the solicitation an historically ambitious one. Some heavyweight developers have thrown their hats into the ring. These include Atlantic Shores, LLC, a joint venture between Shell and EDF, which has proposed multiple size options and a forward-thinking 5-10 MW pilot project for green hydrogen production. Ørsted has also confirmed that it has proposed Ocean Wind 2. The company’s 1.1 GW Ocean Wind 1 notably won New Jersey’s last offshore wind solicitation.
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