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GRS grows further and strenghtens the Hamburg Office

Global Renewables Shipbrokers GmbH welcomes Catherine Pascal as part of the the Back Office Team and Sina Bardenhagen as Junior Chartering Broker. Mrs. Bardenhagen is one of your contact persons for CTV, Guard vessels, Tugs, Workboats and Survey vessels. She joined GRS in May 2018 after starting her shipping career at Grimaldi Germany GmbH. Mrs. Catherine Pascal has a long lasting experience in catalogue production and data maintenance and updates our extensive database since May 2018 so that every offshore broker of GRS can support our clients in the global search for suitable vessels, proven shipping and equipment companies and offshore services. Sina and Catherine would be happy to lend their expertise and comprehensive full-service support to your offshore renewables project!
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VesselS FOR charter

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Jack Up´s
Starting Day Charter Rate
unpropelled: 30.000 EUR
DP<500t crane: 35.000 EUR
DP>500t crane: 45.000 EUR
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Starting Day Charter Rate
<40 ChrtsPax: 19.000 EUR
>40 ChrtsPax: 28.000 EUR
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Construction Vessel
Starting Day Charter Rate
DP2<50t gear: 21.000 EUR
DP2>100t gear: 28.000 EUR
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AHT (#485)
1980                   69,06 m           14,22 m

BP: 180 tons
Crane: 4 decks

Price: USD         1.110.000,-
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Tug (#586)
Built: 1981
LoA: 24,23 m
Beam: 7,41 m
3,11 m
19 tons
12 kn
Price: EUR        435.000,-
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Ice Breaker (#589)
Built: 1980
LoA: 67,55 m
Beam: 15,30 m
Speed: 16,4 kn

Price: EUR
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VOS Patriot

Vroon has christened its newest platform supply vessel (PSV) VOS Patriot, which is set to be deployed at the Trianel Windpark Borkum II offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. VOS Patriot will provide noise mitigation assistance at the wind farm for charterers Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) over the period of 70 days, with the possibility of extending the options once the works are done. The new vessel, delivered to Vroon last month, is the last in a series of six PX-121-type PSVs built at Cosco Guangdong Shipyard in China.

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south boats CTv

Rhode Island-based Blount Boats, Inc. has signed a sub-license agreement with Marine Applied Physics Corp. (MAPC) of Baltimore, Maryland, for the building of South Boats crew transfer vessel designs. Blount Boats has held the US license for South Boats designs since 2011. In 2016, Blount Boats delivered the Atlantic Pioneer, a South Boats 21m transfer vessel, to Rhode Island Fast Ferry. The vessel is the first US-flagged crew transfer vessel to operate in US waters and services Deepwater Wind’s Block Island wind farm which is the first, and currently the only, offshore wind farm operating in the US.

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seajacks scylla

The 139-meter-long vessel completed a deadweight survey, incline test and crane maintenance, and is expected to begin working on the 714MW wind farm at the end of July or the beginning of August. Seajacks Scylla will be in charge of installing the jacket foundations at the East Anglia One project, under a contract that Seajacks and Van Oord secured last year. The vessel is specifically designed for deep water and large wind farm components and is the only vessel capable of carrying up to four 12MW turbines at the same time. With its 105-meter-long legs, it allows the installation of components in water depths of up to 65m.

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kincardine kicks off construction

Offshore works have started at the long-awaited 50MW Kincardine offshore wind farm. According to the latest Notice to Mariners EDT Kennedy has commenced boulder clearance along the cable route. Siem Aimery will also soon be onsite to conduct cable pull-in to shore and laying. A 2MW semi-submersible WindFloat™ prototype will be installed first followed by six 8.4MW turbines. Since Consent was granted in early 2017 the project has suffered a number of delays and the decision to install the 2MW turbine is crucial for the Company to meet the Renewables Obligation Certificate deadline this autumn. The 2MW floating turbine will be refurbished in Portugal, before being transported for outfitting and assembly in Dundee. Installation of the four moorings will take place from 18th June by Bourbon Arctic and the turbine is due to be towed out to site this summer. 
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aqua ventus goes under review

On the 12th June the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to review the terms of the power contract for the 12MW Maine Aqua Ventus (MAV) two-turbine demonstration project, off Monhegan Island. The 20-year long contract term sheet was initially approved in February 2014 for ¢23/kWh but due to changes in the energy markets, technology and revisions to the MAV project proposal the terms came under scrutiny in January and concerns were voiced that a review was necessary. The PUC will issue an order in the next several weeks that includes a review timeline and specific requests for additional information. With the project in a potentially vulnerable position MAV maintains a positive and confident outlook stating that it will work diligently with the PUC. According to MAV nearly 60% of the U.S. offshore wind resource is located in deepwater and floating offshore wind is the next frontier for the US market.
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american auction winners announced 

On 23rd May Vineyard Wind was announced as the winner of the Massachusetts 83C Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop the state’s first offshore wind farm. The winning bid submitted by the Avangrid Iberdrola/CIP consortium is for the construction of an 800MW wind farm 24km offshore. The award of a contract is conditional upon the negotiation of the power purchase agreements and ap-proval by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Vine yard’s strategic posture going into the auction was to deliver early commercial operations by 2021, thereby providing MA with first mover advantage in the race to be the regional offshore wind hub. Rhode Island also under-took an independent evaluation of the 83C RFP proposals and selected Deepwater Wind to construct a new, 400MW offshore wind farm. Deepwater Wind will now enter negotiations with National Grid and submit a proposed contract for regulatory review.

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french projects face cancellation

On the 11th June the French government tabled a new amendment which could see the cancelation of six offshore wind farms in the event of failed renegotiations of electricity tariffs. An initial draft proposal was submitted in March which called for the renegotiation of high wind farm tariffs (between 180-230€/MWh) awarded in 2012 and 2014. It was warned that this could weaken the industry and deter future investment and was subsequently rejected by the Senate. The new revised amendment specifically targets offshore renewable projects which were awarded prior to 1st January 2015 and have not yet been concluded. It also sets out the framework for the negotiations with project developers. The wind farms in question include Fécamp, St-Nazaire, Courseulles-sur-Mer, St-Brieuc, Les Iles d'Yeu et Noirmoutier and Dieppe-Le Tréport. The government aims to reduce the cost of public support and in the next six months will examine the possibility of re-tendering the sites and potentially cancelling the projects if negotiations fail. 
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crown estate receives 3gw of

The UK seabed landlord, The Crown Estate (TCE) has received eight applications for offshore wind farm extension projects, representing potential for up to 3GW of new capacity. As one of the eight Vattenfall hopes to develop a 340MW extension to the 300MW Thanet offshore wind farm which has been operational since 2010. Vattenfall has a head start and received approval in March when TCE announced its intention to grant seabed rights for the project. Vattenfall must now seek statutory consent and are expected to submit a consent application to the Planning Inspectorate during this quarter. The project is set to feature 34 10-12MW turbines and be operational by 2021. TCE will now assess the other currently anonymous extension applications and is considering the need for a Habitats Regulations Assessment. Subject to the outcome of these processes, successful applications could be converted to option agreements in summer 2019.
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china changes connection 

The Chinese National Energy Administration has recently issued a “Notice on the Requirements for Wind Power Projects Construction Management in 2018” which states that from 18th May 2018, the grid-connection prices for all newly consented onshore and offshore wind farms from 2019 will be determined through competitive auctions. According to the Notice, the provinces which have issued 2018’s wind power construction plans along with those projects which have confirmed investors will not be affected by the change. The issuance of the notice marks the end of the fixed feed-in tariff policy in China and aims to reduce the financial burden on the government. China has 8GW of installed offshore wind capacity and has recently set targets to achieve 13GW by 2020.
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