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Get informed about the Offshore Wind Market! We compiled a review, the current situation and the Trends 2019 for you...

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We bring vessel buyers and sellers together and ensure professional and confidential transactions.

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Super Smart - Super Fast. Get your different Contractors, Service Providers and Vessels for your Offshore Project in just one Package.

Turnkey Solutions
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Any Vessel Anytime

GRS is your independent specialist for chartering offshore tonnage for renewable energy projects.

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Decrease your offshore charter costs for windfarm supply runs by up to 30%: Join now the GRS-Cargo-Run pool.

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Find and explore all vesseltypes in our 3D-Vessel-Portfolio.

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GRS office in UK

GRS extends the excellent network in the UK and in the northern European region.

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Interactive Map

Discover the offshore renewable energy industry’s potential, especially in Europe.

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GRS in 120 Seconds

In just 120 seconds you can discover what distinguishes GRS, what we offer and how you can benefit from the European market leader in offshore brokerage.

 Global Renewables Shipbrokers

GRS Office in Paris!

Business growth is continuing unabated. François Richard is head of the GRS office in Paris.

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GRS provides you with the right set of contractors for various subsea related scopes such as IMR campaigns, ROV and dive works, UXO clearance, and many more.

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You are looking for a partner to organize your complex logistic requirements? GRS will help you identifying experienced providers for scopes such as component transport and genset logistics.

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Asset Management

May it be installation, commissioning, maintenance or repair for all kinds of offshore structures – GRS is the right partner to provide you with an overview of suitable and experienced providers.



From cable storage solutions over route preparation and cable laying up to immediate assistance during cable failures, GRS will assist you in finding the best providers.

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Next Cargo Runs

Status Start Cluster Port
22.04.2019 +/- 1 Day East Anglia 1 Great Yarmouth
25.04.2019 +/- 1 Day Borwin Emden

Completed Cargo Runs

Status Start Cluster Port
10.04.2019 Galloper Great Yarmouth
03.04.2019 Wikinger Sassnitz-Mukran


Fixed or telescopic gangways between 10 and 40 metres long and available in different configurations. More Gangways

Transfer systems

Cable Installation Equipment

All kind of cable installation equipment: for loading, unloading or laying of subsea cables. More Cable Installation Equipment

Cable Equipment

Transfer Systems

On high seas, these systems will safely transfer both staff and cargo from a ship to a fixed platform. More Transfer Systems


Accommodation Modules

For creating more living space on vessels: mobile, flexible to use and stackable. More Accommodation Modules

Acco modules


New build or second hand offshore cranes are available in various sizes and can be modified for specific customer requirements. More Cranes

Vessel cranes

Barges / Pontons

Barges/pontoons for the transportation of various goods. GRS also support your project for the construction of new barges and pontoons. More Barges / Pontons


Mooring System & Winches

Mooring systems for mooring lines, anchors and connectors, used for station keeping of a ship or floating platform. More Mooring System & Winches

Mooring Systems and Winches

Cable Carousels

Cable carousel for transportation or storage, available in different sizes for sale and rent. More Cable Carousels

Cable Carousels

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Various used underwater robots (ROVs). Selecting the right type of ROV, as well as a well-trained crew to control the robot is crucial. More Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle


New or second hand A-frames with lifting capacities up to 350 tons and a working radius tailor made to suit any vessel design. More A-Frames


Offshore Container

Various used and new offshore containers are made and certified especially for use in the offshore industry, guaranteeing the safe transport of all goods. More Offshore Container

Offshore Containers

Helicopter Decks

For creating more transfer flexibility on vessels, jack ups or substations: new or second hand helicopter decks for sale or rent. More Helicopter Decks



That is what our customers say.

» GRS provided a tailor-made vessel appraisal, covering our complex needs and adding definitely value with their vast experiences, all to our utter satisfaction. «

Ralf Bickert

Asset Management Siemens Bank GmbH

» Every year we make an evaluation of all brokers we worked with. We are very pleased with the cooperation and do not have any remarks for improvement. «

Ludwig Mertens

Jan De Nul Dredging NV

» True shipping professionals with ability to 'think outside of the box'. Good staff! Good rates! Good work! «

Thorsten Fastenau

Executive Vice President / Head of Offshore Wind Devision / PNE WIND AG

» Working with GRS on Riffgat project has been efficient, fluent and professional. Serious attitude and great know-how about their profession. «

Frank Seubring

Project Manager / Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH

» From securing the buyer up to the closing in Dubai - GRS gave us the full support! Good to have such a reliable and trustworthy broker at hand. «

Paul Crowther

Managing Director / Atlantic Marine & Aviation LLP

» Overall outstanding service to owners and charterers - always efficiently backed up.  «

Mike Conafray

Managing Owner / MarineCo UK Ltd

» Always a pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate the all-embracing guidance upfront a fixture. I would have no hesitation in recommending GRS. «

Andreas Ingber

Offshore Manager / Jade-Dienst GmbH

» GRS provides tailor made & creative solutions, covering our requirement most cost effectively and to our utmost satisfaction. «

Gerd Ammermann

OWS Off-Shore Wind Solutions GmbH / Head of Offshore Support Functions

» I've listed the GRS contact details on top of my list. The cooperation with GRS was very successful. «

Simon Isensee

Senior Project Manager / Siemens AG

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