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Cable Carousels

Cable carousel for transportation or storage, available in different sizes for sale and rent.

  • Cable Carousel

    Cable Carousels & Turntables

    • Capacities vary from 500 up to 9,000 tons
    • On- and Off-Shore usage
    • Contact the Broker in Charge for further information
  • Offshore_Cable_Carousel.jpg

    5,200 tons Cable Carousel Package

    1 pc. Offshore Cable Carousel, Basket type for top loading of product
    1 pc. Loading Tower c/w hydraulic operated Cable Loading Arm, 10 Te Cable Tensioner,
    Cable Guide for MBR 4.2 m, Control Cabin and EPU-container containing circuit boards,
    frequency controllers, brake resistors, etc., ready for plug-in of Carousel

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