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Charter or hire free capacity on an offshore vessel for one-time tasks and transport.

Renewables Shipbrokers

Save time and money – with affordable
subleasing or additional load capacity.

Operators of an offshore construction site frequently have extra space on their vessels (whether they are company-owned or chartered). They offer these capacities on the offshore market in order to minimise their own costs and maximise the vessels’ capacity utilisation.
Are you looking for a one-off, affordable solution for doing work on your offshore project or transporting materials/personnel without having to bring an offshore vessel of your own from a distant site? Or are you looking for a partner in order to optimise your own capacity utilization? The GRS Fly By is what you need.
GRS brings supply and demand together and, in so doing, ensures maximum (cost) efficiency for both parties.


  • Arrangement of free capacities for one-time fly-by enquiries
  • Organisation
  • Coordination between all parties
  • Synergy effects from bringing the suitable partners (and their equipment) together

Benefit from our independence

Since we have no vessels of our own and are not tied to any shipowning company, you can rest assured that we will always give you the best options for your individual needs.

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