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Sale & Purchase

We bring vessel buyers and sellers together and ensure professional and confidential transactions.

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We make things simple for you –
so simply everything is possible.

Buying and selling an offshore vessel is an intricate procedure that requires not just in-depth market knowledge, but also an extensive international network and absolute integrity. 

Our experienced experts analyse the international markets on a daily basis, giving them updated information on completed shipping transactions and a feel for the right timing.
We are discreet intermediaries between the supply and demand sides and offer you all services you need for buying and selling offshore vessels professionally and without problems – from the first face-to-face consultation up to the conclusion of the contract. Get here to our inhouse data-base with more than 2.000 vessel sale candidates.

For all parties interested in buying: Here you will find an overview of examples of all standard vessel types for offshore projects.


  • Consulting on vessel availability and
    market prices
  • Sale and Purchase of Offshore Tonnage
  • Support for and execution of
    contract negotiations
  • Processing the necessary contract
  • Suggestions for alternative financing
  • Ship recycling



 Benefit from our independence: 

Since we have no vessels of our own and are not tied to any shipowning company, you can rest assured that we will always give you the best options for your individual needs.


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