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Turnkey Solutions

Super Smart - Super Fast.
Get your different Contractors, Service Providers and Vessels for your Offshore Project in just one Package.

Turnkey Solutions

Reducing Interfaces during Offshore Projects - Fast, Independent and Free of Charge.

Following the continuous industry trend to move away from multi-contracting and reduction of interfaces during complex offshore projects, GRS is accommodating that development as part of their services. GRS Turnkey Solutions gives you access to a broad selection of different contractors, service providers and vessels in one package - fast, independent and free of charge just as you know it from our shipbroking service.   
GRS will identify the most suitable lead contractor with the appropriate financial strength for your offshore project. Further we assist that lead contractor to find the best and most competitive sub-contractors to provide you with an attractive package offer with just one single interface. That can include vessels, equipment, personnel, engineering, project preparations and many other sub-contracts. Doing so we reduce your risk as well as ease the coordination and communication during the project execution.

We call it at GRS 5 in 1 "Turnkey Fixture"

GRS Triple Fixture

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