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    Single and twin cabins for up to 140 people

  • 2
    Helicopter Deck

    Landing deck for helicopters for offshore personnel transfer

  • 3

    Cranes for erecting offshore structures; cranes today can handle 100 to 300 tonnes

  • 4
    Jacking System

    Jacking systems allow work to continue regardless of the sea state

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The Vessels shown here are exemplary Models only.

Accommodation Platform

Offshore accommodation platform for personnel and equipment

The concept of housing service teams on a specific accommodation platform directly in an offshore wind farm (OWF) comes from the oil and gas industry. Along with accommodation for the crew, the platform is equipped with catering areas, sanitary facilities, workshops, storage areas, offices and space for leisure activities. Accommodation platforms are especially used during installation and commissioning of offshore substation platforms. These temporary solutions can help to provide good working and living conditions for installation and maintenance teams on site for months. Another benefit is minimising daily transportation for offshore personnel and the long transit times to OWFs far out at sea. In order to ensure problem-free personnel transfer, almost all offshore accommodation platforms are equipped with helicopter landing decks. A supply vessel delivers fuel and food to the platform by sea.

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