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    Helicopter Deck

    A helicopter landing deck (helipad) for personnel and spare parts transfer

  • 2
    Boat Landings

    Boat landings with crane for personnel and spare parts transfer

  • 3

    Usually, 60 to 200 people can be hosted on board with accommodation and catering provided

  • 4
    Offices and Conference Rooms

    For local construction site managers and daily briefings with technicians

  • 5
    Storage Area

    For 10 to 20 (20') containers, which serve as mobile, exchangeable storage

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Accommodation Vessel

Accommodation vessel for housing offshore workers at sea

An offshore accommodation vessel (also known as a floating hotel or floatel) is mainly used to accommodate personnel at sea during set up or maintenance of offshore structures / wind farms (OWFs). Hotel ships moor or drift in direct proximity to the construction site to minimise transit time to the offshore structures and maximise the personnel's working time. Separate landing platforms that are usually located midship or aft allow fitters to board the crew transfer vessels (CTVs) that take them to the offshore structures. A helicopter deck is also available for exchanging people and spare parts on the floating hotel. Moreover, an offshore accommodation vessel frequently serves as a construction office or control centre at sea with various communication and conference rooms. Along with a large number of cabins, many floating hotels also provide sufficient storage for offshore spare parts and workshops for various types of repair work.

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  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Accommodation Vessels Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2017

    Heli Deck
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