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    Cable Carousel

    The cable to be laid is wound onto the cable carousel

  • 2

    Large deck areas provide ample space for the additional laying equipment that has to be installed

  • 3
    A-frame / crane

    Cranes for positioning cable laying equipment, such as ploughs, trench cutting machines and ROVs

  • 4
    Deck crane

    The multifunctional crane can access all areas of the cable laying section at any time to provide assistance

  • 5

    The cable layer has spacious accommodation for 60 people

  • 6
    DP 2

    Computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel’s position using its own propellers and thrusters

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The Vessels shown here are exemplary Models only.

Cable Laying Vessel

Specialist vessel for laying sub-sea cables

Cable laying vessels are used for laying sub-sea cables. In addition to laying sub-sea cables, cable layers are also able to retrieve broken or damaged sub-sea cables and repair them on board. Depending on water depth and the risk of potential damage, sub-sea cables are buried in the sea floor by the cable layer using a special plough. A DP 2 system enables the vessel to remain in a precise position above the defined cable route, cable laying vessels are now equipped with powerful propulsion systems and a dynamic positioning system. The cable is usually stowed spirally in a cable carousel (horizontal rotating table) and unreeled according to the speed at which the cable laying takes place. Today, the largest cable layers can stow and lay up to 7,000 tonnes and more of cables on board.



  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Cable Laying Vessels Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2020

    Free Deck
    Max. Crane Lift
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