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  • 1
    Helicopter Deck

    Landing deck for helicopters, suitable for helicopters the size of a Boeing CH 47 Chinook

  • 2
    DP 2

    Computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel's position by using its own propellers and thrusters

  • 3
    AHC Crane

    The crane, typically active heave compensated, safely moves heavy loads with long boom in choppy seas

  • 4

    A large number of persons can be housed onboard the construction vessel

  • 5
    ROV Hangar

    Flexible ROV equipment for subsea maintenance tasks and inspections

  • 6

    Large deck surfaces provide plenty of space for components and equipment waiting to be installed

  • 7
    Bow shape

    The streamlined bow ensures a smooth ride in the current

  • 8

    A powerful propulsion system ensures high speeds and precise positioning

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Construction Vessel

Multifunctional construction vessel for offshore operations

Offshore construction vessels are characterised by their multifunctionality. They are usually used for subsea construction projects such as laying cables and installing foundations and tidal power plants. Vessels of this type are usually equipped with a dynamic positioning (DP) system. A helicopter landing deck allows crew changes, which enables the vessel to stay offshore for long periods without returning to the harbour. The high-performance onboard crane can load heavy components even in deep water and swells and is also used to maintain wind turbines and foundations. A spacious deck and a large number of onboard accommodation options provide the best conditions for large project teams and their equipment. In addition, diving robots (ROVs) controlled from the ship can carry out tasks and conduct comprehensive investigations of subsea structures around the clock.  Many construction vessels also include a moon pool in order to guarantee that any diving operations are as safe as possible.

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