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  • 1
    Helicopter Deck

    A helicopter landing deck (helipad) for personnel and spare parts transfer

  • 2
    DP 2

    Computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel's position using its own propellers and thrusters

  • 3

    This crane, typically active heave compensated, safely moves heavy loads with long boom in choppy seas

  • 4

    Single and twin cabins to accommodate the vessel’s crew, divers and fitters

  • 5
    Hyperbaric Chambers

    For use during divers’ decompression stops and medical treatment

  • 6
    ROV Hangar

    Flexible ROV equipment for underwater maintenance tasks and inspections

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The Vessels shown here are exemplary Models only.

Dive Support Vessel

Dive support vessel (DSV) for installing and servicing offshore structures

Diving support and construction vessels are mainly used as installation and maintenance ships for offshore structures. The DSV combines construction and diving tasks. Especially during dives, a DSV must remain in the exact position, which is accomplished with either multiple point anchoring or a dynamic positioning system. Equipped with diver systems for mixed gas diving and/or scuba diving, these vessels can be deployed in both coastal waters and deep sea areas. Mostly active heave compensated, the vessel cranes also support divers who undertake offshore construction tasks. On many DSVs, major equipment pieces such as diving bells, diving lifts, ROVs and hyperbaric chambers are permanent fixtures. Spacious accommodations for the crew, diving personnel and other fitters are proof of the vessel’s versatility. The ships vary significantly as to their dimensions and the scope of their capabilities. 

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  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Dive Support Vessel Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2020

    Heli Deck
    Free Deck
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