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    Propulsion Concept

    Depending on the job and operating site, guard vessels must have a minimum speed of 10, 15 or 24 kn.

  • 2
    Fast Rescue Boat

    An additional means for rescuing people out at sea.

  • 3
    Bridge Equipment

    Guard vessels must be equipped with 2 x radar (1 x ARPA), 2 x VHF (GMDSS), AIS and radar transponders.

  • 4
    Capability of Staying Offshore

    Guard vessels can stay out at sea without returning to port for 30 days or longer up to a wind speed of 8 bft.

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Guard Vessel

Vessel for securing offshore construction sites

During the construction stage of an offshore wind farm, a substation platform or a cable route, the construction site needs to be secured by a guard vessel. The vessel must constantly monitor marine traffic near the construction site visually and with radar and AIS. When an external vessel approaches the construction site, measures are to be taken to secure the construction site and vehicles, and the external vessel must receive information on how to safely get past the site. The technological and manpower requirements for the vessel are stipulated in the BSH approval notification for the construction site, depending on the task, deployment area and traffic volume. A guard vessel’s essential features include being able to stay offshore for long periods of time (up to 30 days and longer) and great seaworthiness combined with high service speeds.

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  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Guard Vessels Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2017

    Length over all (LOA)
    Power of Engines
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