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    Has more deck space than usual port tugboats to take anchor, navigable water buoys etc. on board

  • 2

    Onboard crane to position anchors, navigable water buoys etc.

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    Bollard Pull

    The tugboat’s power varies depending on type. An essential measure is what is known as bollard pull, which is measured in tonnes

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    The most common types of winches in the offshore towage market are single-barrel, twin-barrel and waterfall winches

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    Bow Fenders

    Special fender system designed to combine construction vehicles in a push barge train

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Multipurpose Tug

Multi-purpose workboat for offshore work, transport and dredging

Multipurpose Tug are used for a variety of tasks in the offshore sector today. As a versatile multi-purpose vessel, a Multipurpose Tug is equipped with powerful winches, an offshore crane as well as a wood-planked deck. In addition to the key tasks, such as towing offshore construction vessels and setting and retrieving anchors and navigable water buoys, Multipurpose Tug are also used for supply trips and assisting dredging. Its low draught makes this ship type particularly suitable for near-shore and shallow-water operations while its powerful propulsion systems enable it to safely manoeuvre even in strong ocean currents.

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