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    The largest Semisubmersible vessels are offering more than 19.000 sqm deck area in order to load very large construction parts or even other vessels.

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    Ballast Tank

    The Ballast Tanks with a huge intake allowing the vessel to submerge and to load floating Cargo/Vessels.

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    In a submerged status semisubmersible vessels can load other vessels with 25 meter draught and more.

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    Anchor System

    The Anchor System enables the vessel to remain at one safe position during loading and discharging operations.

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The Vessels shown here are exemplary Models only.

Semisubmersible Vessel

Transport vessel for extra large project cargo and offshore construction parts

A semi-submersible vessel / deck carrier is majorly used in marine operations carrying production platforms, other floating vessels or heavy duty cargo. In simple terms, the semi-submersible vessel is supported by way of pontoons which are located under the water surface. Over the submersed pontoons, there are steel columns which provide support to the semi-submersible vessel. The pontoons are ballasted which means that it becomes easy for the big ships to achieve submersion and buoyancy easily. Also in case the vessel has to move from the deeper depths of the offshore areas to the shallow areas, by pushing out the water from the ballast tanks, the vessel height can be adjusted. After the cargo is fully loaded into the loading area, the loading area (deck) will be raised again out of the water and the semi-submersible vessel along with its cargo makes its journey to the specified destination. With the help of marine technology like the semi-submersible vessel, a lot of marine operations are carried out with the least amount of problems. This is the most important factor that makes these vessels indispensable in important marine and offshore operations. 


  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Semisubmersible Vessels Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2020

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