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  • 1
    Deck area with external workplaces

    Free deck area for activities with measuring devices and workplace with fresh water supply

  • 2

    Single or twin chambers to accommodate the crew and scientists on board

  • 3
    Laboratory Workstations

    Laboratory workstations for scientists in wet or dry lab configuration

  • 4

    Crane for handling measuring equipment, such as manipulators, measuring buoys, ROVs or vibration core drills

  • 5

    Pole for simple attachment of measuring equipment to the side of the ship, without using divers

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Survey Vessel

Vessel for conducting geological, biological and visual investigations of construction sites and structures.

Prior to the actual construction of an offshore wind farm, a wide variety of hydrographic and geophysical soil investigations have to be conducted on site. In addition, survey vessels are also deployed during the installation work in order to continually monitor possible impact on the marine environment. During the actual construction and operation phase, there are also underwater inspections on the turbines and their environment. This wide range of tasks is performed by survey vessels equipped with various facilities, which may include firmly installed measuring systems, multibeam and sonar systems, special holders for measuring devices, laboratory workstations, outdoor workplaces, fishing gear, cranes and fast winches. Occasionally, survey ships are now already equipped with a DP system that guarantees safe working close to offshore structures.

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    Latest Update: June 2020

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