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    Bollard Pull

    Tugboat performance specification that is measured in tonnes

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    The most common types of winches in the offshore towage market are single-barrel, twin-barrel and waterfall winches

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    Stern-drive tugboats (ASD – Azimuthing stern drive, swivelling stern propulsion): One or two propulsion systems, located aft
    Tractor tugboats: One or two propulsion systems, located below the fore ship
    Rotor tugboats: Three propulsion systems, two located below the fore ship, another one aft

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    Fire Fighting System

    Fire extinguishing canons for fire fighting offshore

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Boats used for towage, transport and assistance

Tugs are vessels that have a powerful propulsion system and are used for towing and pushing other vessels or large floatable objects. Generally familiar from the port sector as assistants tug, they increasingly tend to be used in the offshore market for towing and positioning pontoons, oil rigs and installation vessels. Furthermore, tugs are deployed for salvaging and dredging works. Basically, distinctions are made between tugboats equipped with a conventionally structured propulsion system (engine, gears, shaft-drive, propeller, rudder) and tugboats with a propeller capable of rotation in any direction (azipods or Voith Schneider drives). The power of a tugboat varies according to type. An essential measure is known as bollard pull, which is measured in tonnes. Starting from a tugboat that provides port assistance and has a bollard pull of 30 tonnes, the range spans to include large offshore units with bollard pull capacities of up to 250 tonnes and more.

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  • Technical Details

    The following Graphs will give you an overview about different technical details within the Tugs Fleet.
    Latest Update: June 2020

    Bollard Pull
    Length over all (LOA)
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