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Our Strengths

Put our network, our experience and our independence to good use in your offshore project


Freedom to grow –
thanks to our independent expertise.

Offshore renewable energy is a market with huge potential for growth. By 2030, it will have already grown up to 800% and reached a capacity of up to 150,000 MW. GRS is not just a pioneer in the industry; it is also unique in its specialisation in offshore projects in renewable energy – and thus has become a European market leader in just two years. Today, GRS continues to grow steadily in line with the offshore renewable energy growth market, and the future remains bright.
With an excellent international network, our many years of experience, expert knowledge in renewable energy from wind, waves and tides, and a comprehensive service portfolio, we are your ideal partner for everything related to your offshore projects: chartering, purchasing and sales and consulting. From the very first day of planning and for each stage of the project, GRS uses a database to support its clients in the global search for suitable vessels, proven shipping companies and offshore services.

Since we have no vessels of our own and are not tied to any shipowner or shipping company, you can always rely on our independent advice, which always guarantees the best conditions for our clients.


  • An excellent international network
  • Many years of experience in offshore brokerage
  • A team of experts with a variety of specialisations
  • Independent consulting
  • A comprehensive service portfolio
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