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GRS Press

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Offshore news

EWEA Offshore: German Renewables Shipbrokers to exhibit at world’s largest offshore wind fair and conference

“There's a difference of 13 square meters between EWEA 2013 and 2015 – our booth is growing with us,” GRS managing partner Philippe Schönefeld is pleased to say. From March 10 to 12, 2015, the GRS shipbroker team will be welcoming all visitors and answering any questions concerning offshore tonnage and equipment as well as general developments in the market. “The fact that we'll be right alongside the global players at the world’s largest offshore wind fair is proof enough that we are on the right track. Offering more than other shipbrokers and constantly developing and moving forward are our strengths,” GRS managing director Matthias Mroß explains.

Since early this year, the GRS portfolio has continued to grow. As an independent shipbroker for offshore vessels and equipment, the company provides customized research studies on ship types as well as detailed analyses and reports on market developments in the offshore wind industry.

GRS - EWEA Offshore Booth C2-20

GRS - EWEA Offshore Booth C2-20

At the booth, visitors will learn everything there is to know about the various possibilities of deploying offshore vessels and equipment. They can also check vessel availability in real time using the Quick Vessel Check and assess ship models in detail.

GRS is the first independent specialist shipbroker for chartering, purchasing and sales from Hamburg that specializes in offshore tonnage and equipment in renewable energy. Since 2011, the team has been constantly living up to the company’s motto “Any Vessel Anytime”, which involves monitoring market prices and availabilities of offshore vessels for their clients on an ongoing basis. GRS can draw on suitable tonnage from its own database for each stage of an offshore project in renewable energy. Detailed expertise and a network that has grown worldwide make GRS the leading shipbroker for offshore tonnage in renewable energy.

We invite you to attend the EWEA!

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