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Offshore news

Global Renewables Shipbrokers

Four years after founding GRS German Renewables Shipbrokers, the German specialist shipbroker is giving itself a new name. “Adopting a global mind-set to the way we operate is what our business does each day. So it was logical that we wanted the company’s name to reflect this aspect”, explains Philippe Schönefeld, GRS managing partner. “From now on, the word German will be replaced by Global Renewables Shipbrokers”. Matthias Mross, who is also managing partner at GRS, adds: “Changing our company name shores up our growth philosophy”.
And growth for GRS is more than just a philosophy. By rapidly penetrating the international offshore market for renewable energy, GRS has become the European market leader within a short time span.

GRS Brand 1Of course, a new name also requires a new website. The company is already online at www.grs-offshore.com. Customers and anyone else who is interested can send messages to enquiry@grs-offshore.com.
All other contact details, such as phone numbers of contacts remain unchanged.
The same of course applies to GRS’s comprehensive portfolio of services.
Through GRS all customers will continue to have access to offshore tonnage and offshore equipment for chartering, purchasing and sales. In addition, GRS provides GRS cargo run and comprehensive services in analytical market research.

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