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GRS Press

Here you'll find all latest GRS press releases, new and publications of GRS. Contact us if you have any queries on topics or need more information.

Offshore news

New office premises as from 22. December 2014

GRS remains on a course for growth. Moving to the considerably larger premises at Stadthausbrücke 7 will provide the company with room for future expansion.  
“Over the past 3.5 years, we have seen a positive development that makes us very proud,” says Philippe Schönefeld, managing partner of GRS. “Our understanding of a professional shipbroker’s role is borne out by the international market. GRS and our additional services in the renewable energy sector are meeting with increasing demand from the market. And growth is keeping pace with our enquiries.”

GROWING Banner 2Our big day is on 22 December 2014. From then on, the GRS team will be operating from an attractive open-plan office on the 5th floor of the German Japanese Center. In addition to the many design highlights, the new office offers ample room and modern furnishings. Besides the generous workspace and meeting rooms, the GRS premises with an area of some 450 m2 also feature an elegant reception area and conference room to reflect the company’s fresh new approach.

GRS is the first independent specialist shipbroker for chartering, purchasing and sales from Hamburg that specializes in offshore tonnage and equipment in renewable energy. Since 2011, the team has been constantly living up to the company’s motto “Any Vessel Anytime”, which involves monitoring market prices and availabilities of offshore vessels for their clients on an ongoing basis. GRS can draw on suitable tonnage from its own database for each stage of an offshore project in renewable energy.  Detailed expertise and a network that has grown worldwide make GRS the leading shipbroker for offshore tonnage in renewable energy. More information is available at www.german-shipbrokers.de.

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