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Offshore news

Sea Slice: GRS arranges shipment of special vessel from San Diego to northern Europe

In early October the heavy lift vessel Frauke will carry out the final leg of the journey to northern Europe.

The Sea Slice is currently being shipped by the Hamburg based shipping company SAL Heavy Lift Vessel Frauke from San Diego, USA, to Rotterdam. Transportation of the specialist vessel, which is 34 metres long and weighs 137 tonnes, will take about 30 days.
The Sea Slice will then be handed over to its new owner: Advanced Offshore Solutions ApS. Originally designed as an experimental vessel for the US Navy, Sea Slice is now set to operate in northern European waters. “We will primarily use the Sea Slice for offshore works in the renewable energy sector,” says Kurt E. Thomsen of Advanced Offshore Solutions, explaining his plans. This specialist vessel has clear benefits for the industry. Thanks to its uniquely modified SWATH hull design, Sea Slice is able to serve as a stable and safe platform even in high swell. The dimensions and a maximum speed of 30 knots allow the vessel to be deployed safely and flexibly in the offshore industry up to Sea State 5.
GRS is proud of having brought together the right parties for the transportation. “The Sea Slice is a special case in point to demonstrate how our customers can profit from our network and expertise. Bringing the right parties together from the outset and minimizing our time and cost expenditure is all part of our job and we are getting better and better at it,“ explains a delighted Matthias Mross, GRS managing partner.

SeaSlice rights reserves by K E Thomsen Advanced Offshore Solutions Aps 2


SeaSlice rights reserves by K E Thomsen Advanced Offshore Solutions Aps 1


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