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Offshore news

Save time and money by using GRS latest service: Turnkey Solution Brokerage

Hamburg-based specialist shipbroker GRS – Global Renewables Shipbrokers - has extended its business model beyond the established chartering and sale & purchase brokerage of pure vessels into the field of Turnkey Solution Brokerage.
In this business field GRS uses its excellent market knowledge and experience to assist its clients in sourcing the right turnkey contractor for any workscope that might occur within the lifecycle of an offshore windfarm. “We are basically acting as an extended, external purchasing department for our clients, cooperating closely with them and saving them efforts and time while ensuring to cover any relevant player in the market with their requirement. In the projects we have placed so far we have thus been able to archive considerable costs savings through the increased competition we created” states Matthias Mross, Managing Partner of GRS.
“In general we see a clear trend in the offshore wind market towards the requirements of entire service package solutions instead of pure vessel chartering as principals want to proceed tasks with as much financial security and as little interface management as possible,“ explains Philippe Schönefeld, Managing Partner of GRS. This applies during all stages of the supply chain and for larger workscopes as well as for smaller ones. As a consequence also smaller contractors are more often requested to take over basic weather risks and grant completion dates upon failure of which liquidated damages apply.
GRS pursues this market since about a year and has, amongst others, successfully placed turnkey contractors for a scour protection campaign, a dredging campaign, remedial cable burial, geotechnical site investigation and a subsea IMR campaign for various Windparks worldwide.
With this service, GRS helps you to save efforts, time and money.

For their clients successful business, GRS can
•  provide turnkey-solution contractors for any work scope, starting from Geological Pre-Investigation to Recurring Inspections
• source the market for competitive and reliable contractors
• develop the lead contractor where not yet in place  
• reduce your interface management
• bring additional contractors to your attention thus increase competition

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