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Offshore news

GRS "5in1" Offshore Renewables Turnkey Fixture

GRS Global Renewables Shipbrokers strikes another Turnkey Brokerage fixture for the BorWin gamma DC Platform. Commencing with this project in November 2016, GRS brought all parties, vessel owners and charterers together and facilitated the full Vessel Tender and Brokerage Service for charterers PETROFAC. By chartering the Jack Up Barge JB 117 as Accommodation and Heavy Lift Vessel, the Thor Express as Supply vessel, the Glomar 4 Wind and Mimer as ERRV and Guard Vessel plus the MCS Kaver as Crew Transfer Vessel the hook up and commission works of the Platform are in good progress. Contact GRS for your Offshore Project and get our full TURNKEY BROKERAGE and TENDER support

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GRS "5 in 1" Turnkey Fixture

GRS "5 in 1" Turnkey Fixture

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